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Just wanted to remind everyone that I’m still here. I didn’t abandon tumblr. Your guys’s blogs are just too awesome for me to leave. I’m still broke & wishing I could be back on more & more every day. Thank you to those who are still following me during this huge hiatus!! ~Much love💋

I miss being on here 😫😭
Who wants to make a donation towards my new laptop?😀

Seriously just came on to reblog that

It’s going to be some time before I can come on tumblr again. Please don’t give up on my blog. For those of you who’d like to stay in contact/w me for the mean time my twitter is @Bro3liMor :) feel free!

It is so sad that I’m unable to blog right now😩

Well you guys…it happened again. Even after my laptop being repaired, it fell apart. So now I really DO have to save up for a new laptop. Thank god I just got this job, huh?! Until I get the new laptop I won’t be blogging much & my replies to you from the askbox or posts will be on hiatus also. Smh 😟


"I know who you are. You’re my fairy godmother." 

My Personal Favorite Quotes from Toy Story


Sharon Nayak Photography

Goliyon ki Raasleela Ram-leela + white